DCW Elite Classes

Dance for All Ages

Ballet:  Ballet is considered the basis for all forms of modern dance.   This class introduces the basic movements of ballet using the five positions and terminology of classical ballet.   For our Tiny Tots and Beginner levels, we use basic ballet dance training and creative movement.  We begin a more disciplined class for our Intermediate, Teen and Adult students which include Barre and center exercises.  Training can continue to Pointe work when ready.

Jazz:  Jazz encompasses basic warm-ups, flexibility exercises, isolations, progressions, and combination movements in a variety of jazz forms including traditional jazz, Broadway musical, and street funk styles.   Classes are offered for Beginner, Intermediate, Teens and Adults.

Tap:  An important part of this class is learning the basics of music and counts.  Tap incorporates rhythm, timing, and coordination.  Dancers learn to make music with their feet by learning basic tap steps, combinations, and precision in sound. Classes include warm-up exercises followed by basic tap technique.   Classes are offered for Beginner, Intermediate, Teens and Adults.

Hip Hop:  Learn the latest dance steps!  This high energy class consists of street style dancing and jazz.  Classes included warm-up and various combinations.  Classes are offered for Beginner, Intermediate, Teens and Adults.

Combination Classes

Combo:  For beginners, ages 3 to 5 years old, who want a sampling of all DCW Elite has to offer.  Students explore ballet, jazz, gym, and tap.  Classes meet for 30 minutes, one time per week.

Combo with Experience:  Same program as Combo but for students ages 5 to 7.

Intermediate Combo:  Students ages 7 to 9 will enjoy three different styles of dance consisting of Jazz, Tap and Hip Hop

Tumbling & Trampoline

Kinder Gym: (Ages 3-6) Basic skills of tumbling and trampoline.  Classes are combined with creative movement to develop social skills, motor skills, coordination, and strength necessary to further their gymnastics training. 

Beginner Gym: (Ages 6 and up) Introduces basic tumbling and trampoline skills.  Tumbling skills through somersaulting and trampoline skills will be taught at a pace safe your child’s skill level.

Intermediate Gym:  (Ages 6 and up) for athletes who have mastered basic tumbling skills and are working on backhand springs and trampoline skills through somersaulting.

Intermediate Gym II:  (Ages 6 and up) for athletes who have mastered backhand springs and at least one somersaulting skill on the trampoline or double-mini.  This class is suited to the athlete who has developed confidence in the basic skills and is ready to move on to more advanced flipping and twisting tricks.

Tumbling for Cheerleading:  Consists of stretching, tumbling skills, jumps, and leaps designed to benefit cheerleaders or those who want to try out for cheerleading.  Tumbling skills through back handsprings.  Students will be taught at their own skill level. 

Competition Teams

Going Beyond Recreational Participation

DCW Elite Dance Company:  Competition increases performance skill, teaches accountability, and requires commitment to their team.   Dance Company members learn company style technique and choreography along with various styles of dance.  The Dance Company competes and performs at the local, regional, state and national level.  Membership is by invitation and audition.   More information available on request.

DCW Elite Tumblers:  Every DCW Elite athlete, regardless of age or skill level has the option to participate on the competitive team.  DCW Elite Tumblers compete in power tumbling, trampoline, and double-mini trampoline in AAU and USTA sanctioned events at the local, regional, state, and national level.  Athletes on the team learn the meaning of responsibility, gain self-esteem, and develop excellent social skills.  In every season individuals set and achieve goals, work hard through frustrations and set backs, and meet a variety of friends from all over the country.

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